2023 IORMS International Conference Proceedings now available

Find the events at the concluded IORMS 2023 Conference held at the Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

IORMS Conference 2023

Bringing together OR researchers, academicians and practitioners, whose collective works have sustained OR contribution to decision-making and whose current work is expected to play an important role in surmounting challenges in developing countries.

Download Proceedings of the 2020 IORMS International Virtual Conference

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of IORMS 2020 (Virtually hosted in UNILAG, Lagos, Nigeria)

Local Organising Committee Chairman's opening Remarks at The 2020 International Virtual Conference

So, our theme this year is “Overcoming the impact of covid-19 pandemic: An operational research optimisation approach”.


The fact that the research world with its huge intellectual endowment and human capital have not been able to emerge from the rubbles of the devastation and wanton damage unleashed on it by the virus with a positive cure almost two years after its discovery shows the level of unpreparedness and confusion to which the human community had been subjected during the period. Unfortunately, the virus continues to rides freely over the global terrain damaging without serious check the human and material resources of the world.


OR EXPERTS ADVOCATE ECONOMIC RECOVERY, SUSTAINABILITY AND CONTROL - https://newsline.life/index.php/2023/09/11/or-experts-advocate-economic-recovery-sustainability-and-control/