The fact that the research world with its huge intellectual endowment and human capital have not been able to emerge from the rubbles of the devastation and wanton damage unleashed on it by the virus with a positive cure almost two years after its discovery shows the level of unpreparedness and confusion to which the human community had been subjected during the period. Unfortunately, the virus continues to rides freely over the global terrain damaging without serious check the human and material resources of the world.

‘Operational research crucial’ – The Nation Nigeria News

“Anywhere we are,we will face resource limitation,many times urgency will develop, sometimes emergency will develop and global demand will always be with us,on top of all of these,we now face the COVID-19 pandemic.We must usher in all intellectual resources under the umbrella of operational research to do the best job we can do,”

Christopher Thron with Conference Participants

Fulbright scholar Christopher Thron (Associate Prof. of Mathematics, Texas A&M University) participated in the second annual conference of the Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS)

Dynamic Programming: Concepts and Applications

The conference theme was “The Role of Operations Research in Achieving Sustainable Development.” Besides giving a plenary address on “Dynamic Programming: Concepts and Applications,”

As Funso Akingbade takes a bow

OUR friend, Funso Akingbade of the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, is dead. He has taken a permanent bow from his sojourn on earth. He was a jolly good fellow who never at any moment denied his existence as a revolutionary intellectual committed throughout his life to the cause of the oppressed masses.


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